I am mostly writing this for myself, but happy if anyone finds it useful. (I actually just read my 2018 review and still laughed at the “best tweets.”)

Projects and Work

Mini-projects & hikes

Writing, thinking, and The Climate Crisis

I didn’t write as much this year, not sure why, but didn’t feel like it. My mother has been ill, both by accidents and of cancel — and my daughter had another epilepsy attack. I have been thinking, so let’s get to that.

Intellectual endeavors

💥 As the boards I am in have had more challenging questions, I had to think a lot about how founders scale and how to let go of people that don’t.

I have realized three things about AI and consciousness.

All three worthies of more text, but that won’t happen here because of the next topic that takes my focus.

But, then the climate…

🌍 Mostly I have been pondering what we can do about the climate crisis.

It started by doing a “climate version” of Pascal’s Wager.

That gives us the following four outcomes:

Realizing that three results are OK, and only one is disastrous made it more than obvious that I should spend all my time on that outcome.

Secondly, I started to consider what I could do. (It is easy to get millennihilism… 😩!)

The most valuable thing we all have is time, passion, and focus. What could I do best? Start a company working on solutions? A party? A movement? Blog about it? I realized that I am best equipped to focus my time on investing in and helping startups working with solving the problem. (I wrote a blogpost on how anyone can figure out their role.)

Best of the input

I ended up reading (and finished) 41 books (which serendipitously — or not? — was the exact same number of books I read 2018!), and there were some that stood out.

Let’s start with non-fiction:

In fiction, four books stood out:

Shorter readings:

I didn’t watch a lot of movies, TV-series or documentaries, but one that I did see and liked was Brené Brown’s Netflix talk, especially the quote: “If you want to drive diversity (or similar) — your comfort is not the center — you will get your ass handed to you.”

The Tweets that entertained me the most:

And, then two tweets that rang extra true for all time working with enterprise customers:


2020 will be different for me. Let’s get back to that. 🚀

Vegetarian, stoic, founder & investor. Father of three. Malmö/Sweden. Twitter @hajak.

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